FAQs-Well and Septic Inspections

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There are many sources for the information you seek. Unless you wish to spend a considerable time becoming educated we suggest that you, the buyer, or the seller give us a call and we will be glad to get everyone up to speed. This will save time for all.

Our system at The Water Specialist goes to great lengths to avoid any non-timely responses to phone calls or emails. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day by a person. Except for non-business days, your message is delivered to the appropriate person by 7:30 am the next day. Our website is an easy way to leave a message that will be read normally by 7:30 am the next business day. If no one is in or the person to whom your inquiry is directed is not available when you call or email, we will return your call or email during business hours, that same day or the next business day.

You can. Almost without fail, the home inspectors we have met and know are a great group of people who uniformly wish to do a good job. We do not see it reasonable or likely that many inspectors will have the time to become expert on a well and septic systems. We have the hands-on experience that comes from many years of service, repair and installations of such systems.

Yes. But we do not often advise nor see the value in such extensive testing. Rarely in some 40+ years of testing water wells, do we see a need for such broad testing. In fact extensive "testing for everything" is not commonly done on any system, public or private. We would rather suggest saving some money and test for things that are common in the area and are likely to actually be present.

That is a big question! Any system supplying water and sewer services has potential for both good and bad results. We feel that with good open information available on both alternatives, the well and septic system is substantially better than a central municipal system. It is difficult to find a more ecologically sound "GREEN" water and sewer method to supply the modern home. A well and septic system is the ultimate recycler of water. Water is taken from the ground, used and returned back to the ground to be recycled and cleaned. Only water that is evaporated while being used on plants or is carried from the property is actually used. The rest is recycled.

NO! However, with far too many contractors and sub-contractors only meeting minimum, codes this is the inevitable result. Currently the common use of PEX type water supply pipe (great product, just does not move water well) and with the installer just barely meeting minimum code, this happens most of the time. Your problem could be the previously mentioned piping problem, the pump, the well or all three. For at least ten years now, we have been solving the exact problem that you describe. To be able to give you a more precise answer, it is necessary for one of our experienced consultants to meet with you to determine exactly what is going on.