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Note: This is a good option for someone who doesn't need a specific date, they just know they need the inspection completed as soon as possible BEFORE a certain date.

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Please note that unless other arrangements have been made, all inspections and testing are COD. We will require a credit card on file prior to the inspection taking place or we will need to receive payment in person at the time of the inspection via cash, check or credit card.

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Pumping the septic tank is strongly recommended for all septic inspections. Our policy is that we require it to be done when performing a septic inspection on a house built in 1990 or older, but it is optional on houses built after 1990. Extra charges may apply to inspections that are located outside of the immediate Triangle Area.

Water Testing Only:

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Terms and Conditions

Client requesting this inspection has been advised that for a complete inspection to be performed, the tank needs to be pumped. Client must initial below if they're declining to have the tank pumped.

Please read and sign next page and return entire document to The Water Specialist within 24 hours.

Per NC Regulations Inspector is not required to report on:

1) Life expectancy of any component or system, 2) The causes of the need for a repair, 3) The methods, materials and costs of corrections, 4) The suitability of the property for any specialized use, 5) The market value of the property or its marketability, 6) The advisability or inadvisability of purchase of the property, 7) Normal wear and tear to the system

Inspector is not required to:

1) Identify property lines, 2) Offer warranties or guarantees of any kind, 3) Calculate the strength, adequacy, or efficiency of any system or component, 4) Operate any system or component that does not respond to normal operating controls, 5) Move excessive vegetation, structures, personal items, panels, furniture, equipment, snow, ice, or debris that obstruct access to or visibility of the system and any related components, 6) Determine the presence or absence of any suspected adverse environmental condition or hazardous substance, including toxins, carcinogens, noise, and contaminants in the building or in soil, water, and air, 7) Determine the effectiveness of any system installed to control or remove suspected hazardous substances, 8) Predict future condition, including failure of components 9) Project operating costs of components, 10) Evaluate acoustical characteristics of any system or component, 11) Inspect equipment or accessories that are not listed as components to be inspected, 12) Conduct dosing volume calculations, 13) Evaluate soil conditions beyond saturation or ponding, 14) Evaluate for the presence or condition of buried fuel storage tanks, 15) Evaluate the system for proper sizing, design, or use of proper materials, 16) Perform a hydraulic load test on the system

Inspector is required to:

1) Attempt to uncover tank lids and distribution devices so as to gain access unless blocked or unable to locate. The distribution box may remain covered if the Inspector has an alternate method of observing its condition, 2) Probe system components where deterioration is suspected, 3) Report the methods used to inspect the on-site wastewater system, 4) Open readily accessible and readily openable components except when access is obstructed or when access could damage the system or property, 5) Report signs of abnormal or harmful water entry into or out of the system or components

Acceptance of Inspection stated above and permission to access property is hereby granted with signature below. Furthermore signature below acknowledges receipt of copy of this contract.

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