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Case Studies

Find out how we solved some particularly pesky problems.

Leaking Casing

Watch the above video for a quick trip down your well's casing, where we look for problems.

Liner Job

This particular job started off with the customer experiencing pressure issues and sending us a picture of an extremely clogged whole house filter that they were changing every week or so due to sediment build-up. They knew this couldn’t be normal and asked how we, The Water Specialist, would go about solving their problem. First up was a visit from our highly knowledgeable Tech Supervisor, Brandon, to establish what the most likely cause was for the unusual amount of sediment. Upon thorough inspection, Brandon found the pressure tank to be waterlogged, but knew that wasn’t the root of the problem so he suggested using our well camera to inspect the integrity of the well casing and walls to see where unwanted sediment was entering the system. The video clip shows about 30 seconds of footage where we found groundwater leaking out of the bottom of the casing where the seal had failed. What sounds like a particularly pesky problem to solve was easily handled with the installation of a liner from the well head to below where the leak was occurring. Now the customers water is running clean and clear!

Water-logged Pressure Tank

A water-logged pressure tank is a quick and easy fix that if left unchecked can cause major damage to the components of your well system. How do you know if your pressure tank needs to be replaced? If you are experiencing frequent fluctuation of water pressure, this is a sign that the pressure tank bladder is ruptured and only allowing a limited capacity to be filled. For instance, if you happen to be taking a shower and a minute in you lose water pressure to a dribble then a minute later the pressure comes back. This can seriously decrease the lifetime of your well pump because of the shortened run time and increased frequency of the on/off cycle.

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