Water Well Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Jetting

For homeowners with a residential well system, proper function is absolutely critical. Dealing with a low water supply, dirty water, or a broken well pump? Turn to The Water Specialist for straightforward advice and effective water well rehabilitation services. Based in Hillsborough, NC, our team offers innovative solutions for customers in Hillsborough, Raleigh, Durham, Cary and most of central NC.


Water Well Repair vs. Complete Well Replacement

The Water Specialist has been servicing wells for over 40 years. In that time, our team has seen many water wells being needlessly replaced due to poor performance and inadequate water production. Before you choose complete well replacement, consider water well rehabilitation — a smart, cost-effective alternative. We are also the area's leader in the science of well fracking and no-drill well restoration. Well hydrofracture (or more accurately, hydro-cleaning) is an effective, targeted process designed to reopen a water well’s naturally occurring cracks and fissures, thus increasing the water supply.

Water well repairs and rehabilitation services are significantly cheaper than replacement, it minimizes disruption to your property and you have a much higher rate of success than drilling a new well (which may have the same problems as the first).

Prevent Bio-Fouling: Call TWS for Water Well Maintenance & Cleaning

Excessive bacterial growth (or bio-fouling) is a common cause of water well problems — including premature pump failure, clogged water pipes, clogged water filters, poor water quality, and more. At The Water Specialist, we have the expertise to prevent well bio-fouling — call our professionals today for preventative well maintenance, water well inspections and more.

At The Water Specialist, we know wells. Call our water quality specialists today for a full range of well maintenance and rehabilitation services.