Well Water & Septic Inspections in North Carolina


Are you buying or selling a home and need a well and septic inspection? Give us a call and we will be glad to answer questions and provide you with the information you need so you will know exactly what you will receive in your inspection and why. Well and septic systems can be very different from house to house and it is very important that you are working with someone who has had many years of experience with all of these systems. Unfortunately, many "inspectors" of well and septic systems are very limited in their knowledge of these different systems and the quality of the information they are able to provide you will reflect that.

Why Choose The Water Specialist for Your Well Water System & Septic Inspections?

We don't just "inspect" these systems. We install, repair and maintain water well and septic systems everyday — and have been for over 40 years! We’re proud to be one of the largest and most comprehensive well and septic contractors serving Hillsborough, Raleigh, Durham, Cary and central NC.

  • We are one of the few if not the only company in the Triangle area and the state of North Carolina that is a fully licensed Well Contractor, Septic Contractor/Inspector/Pumper and Plumbing Contractor. 
  • We work closely with real estate agents, buyers and sellers to help reach an amicable resolution to any problems, ensuring the closing process goes as smoothly as possible for all parties.
  • We will gladly educate agents, buyers and sellers regarding well pump and septic system function, common problems and future maintenance needs.
  • We will provide an on-site water analysis (including iron, hardness and pH levels) at no additional cost. We offer more comprehensive water testing, at an additional cost, for a full series of contaminants.
  • Our extensive inspection of the well, pump system, water quality and septic system includes a professional evaluation and consultation that is rarely available anywhere else.
  • We are able to offer advice and information that will provide you with real world solutions as opposed to telling you that you need to call someone else who can help you.

Well Inspections

Our water system and well inspections can vary according to each client’s needs and the type of system being inspected. The inspection may include the following:

  • Water testing – Bacterial testing, expanded multiple-parameter testing & other tests depending on your needs. We can run a broad-spectrum test as well as specific tests geared toward FHA/VA loans. Once the water analysis has been completed we will explain your test results, what they mean and help advise you on a course of action if needed.
  • Well inspection – If available, we will retrieve the original county well permit and inspect the well head for problems, well tag info and note any code violations. Next we’ll test and inspect the well pump, controls and pressure tank system to ensure proper function.
  • Troubleshooting – After the inspection, we can help identify common flow and pressure issues as well as water staining, odors and other problems. We can then try and determine the source of each water well issue in order to recommend the most effective solution.
  • Recommendations – Our water well experts will educate you on the proper maintenance of your well pump and water system, and also what to expect in terms of future costs and repairs. Once completed we will provide a written report. 

Septic Inspections

Septic system inspections can also be tailored to your needs and the type of system to be inspected. The inspection may include the following:

  • Permit retrieval – Since most of a septic system is located underground, this can be a very important part of the septic inspection. If we are able to locate the permit then it will help us to try and locate the different components of the septic system as well as determine how many bedrooms the system was permitted for when installed. 
  • Excavation – Our Licensed Septic Inspectors will attempt to locate and excavate any buried access lids in order to provide a thorough inspection of your septic system. Due to possible depth, location and other factors this may not always be possible to do by hand. In rare instances, we may need to use digging equipment to open up these lids for an additional fee.  
  • Pumping – Although it is NOT required that the septic tank be pumped PRIOR to an inspection, pumping will provide the most accurate and comprehensive inspection. We need to see the septic tank before, during and after pumping. In order to do this the tank really should be pumped as a part of the inspection. We highly recommend pumping the septic tank for ALL inspections but our policy is that if the septic system is from 1989 and older then we must have the tank pumped as a part of the inspection. If it is from 1990 and newer then it is optional. If septic pumping is needed then we can make all those arrangements if you would like.
  • Inspection – In addition to inspecting the septic tank and pump tank for problems our Inspectors will attempt to locate and inspect the drain-field area. This can help you have a thorough understanding of how and where the system is laid out.
  • Assessment – We’ll help identify future needs and potential costs, and help educate you on the proper maintenance and function of your septic system. Once completed we will provide a written report.

Before you buy or sell a home, get straightforward answers to your questions — call The Water Specialist for professional water testing, water well and pump system inspection and septic system inspection and evaluation in Raleigh, Roxboro NC and surrounding areas.

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