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We are very pleased with the work done at our orchard. The service was prompt, and probably saved some of our newly planted trees, as there was a question regarding our water supply. After taking measurements we were glad to hear that the well dug by another company was adequate, we only needed a different generator to be able to water our trees. We then needed an extra tank to run the system more efficiently and it was installed in a timely manner by your company. Your crew also suggested that you have a division that installs septic systems, so after waiting for another company for weeks to make progress, we went ahead and had it installed by the Water Specialist in a very shorttime. Thank you for helping us build our infrastructure for our 10-are orchard.

—Anikó and Phil R. Hillsborough NC


Today, Brandon, Evan and Sam were out to install my new hybrid water heater in my garage and decommission the old propane water heater in my attic. They did a great job and were very professional, competent, took away the old water heater and plumbing, and had the job done in what seemed liked record time. I am very satisfied with their work! Thank you!

— Kathy D Pittsboro, NC


We are very impressed regarding the overall service and support from The Water Specialist. We recently moved into Pittsboro and thought we had great water. Unfortunately, our water turned out to be very hard to the point of leaving those ugly white stains. So we called around and also noticed that a number of our neighbors went with The Water Specialist for their systems. Shane was very helpful in reviewing our options based on our water tests. Caleb & Chris did a nice job with the installation and the overview of how the equipment worked. We had a few questions post installation that were answered quickly. Overall, a good buying experience. We would highly recommend The Water Specialist.

— Randy M. Pittsboro, NC


On August 18 Tim came to our home in southern Orange County to install new water treatment equipment. Both Barbara and I want to thank Tim and to thank The Water Specialist for the successful installation and the improvement in our home’s water quality. Specifically, Tim was on time and well prepared for the work. I was available to help but all Tim needed was to have an introduction to the original plumbing and its purposes. He immediately grasped the separate geothermal water connections for HVAC and the separate external supply, then set up the removal of the old treatment system. The original system had been installed with smaller diameter pipes than my house plumbing but Tim’s installation was with large diameter lines that have restored our original water delivery capacity. The new plumbing is both a cleaner/neater installation and less restrictive. It was a pleasure to meet Tim and in the brief time I had to talk with him I certainly had the feeling that he had both the background and the ingenuity to handle any concerns that might come up. In my view Tim is a real asset to your company. Please thank him for Barbara and me.

— Ralph W. Chapel Hill, NC


The first thing I wanted to say is that we are really happy to have our water back inside our house. This would not be possible without the help from the people at The Water Specialist. So, Thank you all a lot, we really appreciate your help and that you all did not give up on our well and keep on trying to get our well back up and running. And you did.

Caleb came out to look at my well after 2 other businesses came out to repair my well but did not succeed. The well pump was stuck in my well and did not want to come out. The second company looked at my well and told me after he tried to remove the well pump that was stuck that I needed to call Caleb (at The Water Specialist) to get it out. And if anyone can fix the problem it is him. He gave me his number and I called Caleb and he came out pretty quick to take a look. Caleb was very helpful but told me the truth that he would try to get it out and could tell me what got it stuck. He and Robbie worked on my well in the rain and did not give up. After the first day, not getting the pump out, he said he would not give up on the well and keep on trying. I broke down in tears and Caleb reassured me that he will do anything in his power to help. He and Robbie came back and work on the well again.

In the meanwhile, it was clear that I needed water for the house and Caleb told me that I could get water through The Water Specialist, if I wanted this. I never knew I could buy water for the house and the water specialist was the only one that had offered this. It was really a blessing to have water flowing through the house and to be able to flush toilets. The trailer with the water tank stood next to the house. A lot of my neighbors asked what that was and they never knew they could buy water that way in case of an emergency.

The service given was excellent and was honest in what he could and couldn't do. I really appreciate his hard work and honesty.

Robbie came with the camera and had the patience to show me what he was doing and how it worked. I never knew that a well specialist had to be licensed and trained for everything that comes with the job. I learned that day, that you had to know what you are doing otherwise you can mess up big time. And I learned this the hard way.

Robbie and Caleb were both very helpful and told me what they were doing and what to expect and what came next. I did not have to question anything and they told me as soon as they were done.

Ms. Gail was the one that kept the communication and water tank going on. If I had any question or needed a refill for the water tank, she was the one that made sure that someone had an answer or send someone to refill my water tank. Great costumer service. Big thank you to Ms. Gail. Thank you for talking to me.

Mr. Sparrow was the one that explain my choices. I told him that this was my first well and that I did not know anything about wells. Lucky for me he was experienced and took the time to look at my well and agree to help me find a solution. He explained the options I had and told me he could not give guarantee for water but will do the best he can to help us. He helped us a lot by finding a driller that was willing to clean out our well. I thought god had forgotten about my well but then Water Specialist called with good news that they had found a driller. The driller cleaned out the well and The Water Specialist came back to get the water up and running. Robert came out to my house and I asked him if he thought I would ever have water again. And he said yes, by the time I'm done you will have water. I was really happy to hear this but I needed to see the water flowing first through the faucet. The water trailer was still there for backup, so I was not afraid for not having water. Robert worked very hard and he got the water flowing through the house.

Thank you God and thank you Water Specialist. You all are the best company I have ever worked with and I would recommend you to everyone with a well. Thank you, thank you! You can't imagine how thankful and blessed I feel, to know great honest and hard working people like you.

It took a while for our water to be back but God knew we could not pay everyone when the well broke down. He sent the right people to help us at the right time. And The Water Specialist people saved our water.

Thank you all for being so helpful and generous to my family. The girls are very happy and thankful they can use the showers in our own home again. If anyone wants reference for the water specialist you can give them my phone number. You all are a 5 star company in my book.

— Denise, Michael, D., T., T., Cary, NC