Customer Safety


We had a whole house water filter and a reverse osmosis filter installed on June 29th, by Brandon and Randy. First of all, we are extremely pleased with the results. Previously we had iron and other minerals staining the sinks, tubs and toilets, as well as sediment mucking everything up. I was somewhat dubious that the filter would really solve these problems, but the results have been great. The water is beautifully clean; no more sediment, and no staining. We also had been drinking only bottled water since we moved in, but now with the R/O filter, that's thankfully a thing of the past. The water is perfectly clean, and tastes fine.

Regarding the work performed, Brandon and Randy were excellent, thorough and really helpful. They arrived around 9:30AM, and after learning that we are sensitive to chemical odors and had purposely bought low VOC caulk for them to use, Brandon pointed out that the new pipe joints would be sealed with glue, and that we could have a reaction to the odor. We were at a loss until he said he could go back to the shop and get a different kind of pipe where the joints are crimped closed. Round trip to get the pipe added an hour and a half to their day, and Brandon and Randy had to work until after 7:30 in the evening to complete the installation. After that long day of hard work, Brandon took the time to carefully explain everything we needed to know about the system.

We are very pleased with your services, glad that your company will be providing regular maintenance for the system, and we would absolutely recommend The Water Specialist if anyone ever asks.

— Peggy and David E. Rougemont, NC