Have you grown tired of dealing with poor water quality at your home in Hillsborough, North Carolina? Perhaps you’ve noticed a weird, metallic-like taste when you drink tap water or maybe you see that there are streaks and stains being left on your dishes and surfaces after you’ve washed them. Whatever the case may be, it might be time to find the right water treatment system to rid you of your water quality issues. The good news is that you have The Water Specialist to turn to. We proudly offer an impressive array of water treatment systems, all of which are designed to enhance the quality of your home’s tap water.

We’ll Help You Find the Right Water Treatment System for Your Home

When you turn to The Water Specialist with water quality problems that need rectifying, you can trust that we’ll have the right solution for you. And we certainly won’t require you to just know which water treatment system is right for you. Rather, we’ll perform an in-home water test to get a full understanding of any impurities or other issues within your water supply. Once we have the results of that, we can help recommend the right system to get your home’s water quality back to where it should be.

Among the many different water treatment solutions we offer are:

  • Water softeners
  • Iron and sulfur removal
  • pH balancing
  • Reverse osmosis drinking water systems
  • Ultraviolet lights
  • Water purification
  • Chlorine and chloramine removal
  • Water filtration systems

Get In Touch Today

If you’re tired of dealing with water that tastes weird, smells funny, or feels strange, it’s time to work with the experts for a fix. Reach out to The Water Specialist today so that we can get the process started with a water test at your Hillsborough, NC, home. From there, we’ll have your home’s water quality back to a better state in no time.