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Where can a Real Estate agent go for help with questions about wells and septic systems?

To save valuable time spent researching, as experts in all things water, well and septic systems related, we are available to answer any questions from real estate agents, buyers or sellers.

Real Estate agents that are busy with clients need quick responses to questions. Will you be able to provide fast answers?  

We understand the importance of fast answers. We go to great lengths to respond in a timely manner to all phone calls or emails.

Why can’t I have my usual Home Inspector do the well and septic inspection? 

You can. However, we have the hands-on experience that comes from many years of service, repair and installations of water related systems. With this experience, we’ve become experts on well and septic systems.

I’ve heard many stories about bad water and am considering purchasing a property with a well.  Would you be able to run a full range of tests to determine the water quality? 

Yes. With our years of local experience, we can test for things we know are common to the area and more likely to be present.

As a conscientious water consumer, I have a choice of buying a property with municipal water/septic system or a property with its own well and septic system. Which one is the more sustainable option?” 

We feel that with good open information available on both alternatives, the well and septic system is substantially better than a central municipal system. It is difficult to find a more ecologically sound “GREEN” water and sewer method to supply the modern home. A well and septic system is the ultimate recycler of water. Water is taken from the ground, used and returned back to the ground to be recycled and cleaned. Only water that is evaporated while being used on plants or is carried from the property is actually used. The rest is recycled.

As a first-time well system user, I’m experiencing pressure issues when more than one faucet is in use.  Is this to be expected as long as we live here?

NO! Far too many contractors and sub-contractors only meet minimum codes, and this is the inevitable result. For over 40 years now, we have been solving this exact problem. To be able to give you a more precise answer, it is necessary for one of our experienced consultants to meet with you and determine the exact situation and best solution.

How often should I check my softener’s salt level?

Your softener uses salt to clean itself out and recharge the beads that attract hardness.  How often it does this is determined by water usage and capacity of the softener. Generally, we recommend every 2-4 months checking the salt level and adding salt, if needed.

Why does my water softener discharge water in the middle of the night?

Your unit has a backwashing cycle which allows it to clean itself out after so many gallons/days of service. This cycle can last as long as 15 minutes or as short as 2 minutes and can repeat several times. Usually, these cycles are programmed to run at 12am.  However, if you see water coming out during the middle of the day or continuously there may be a problem that we should address.

I have a whole house sediment filter. How often should I change it?

Generally, every 3-4 months depending on the size of the filter. Two big variables to understand when answering this question are water quality and water usage in the home. If you have fairly clean water coming out of the well, then you shouldn’t have to change the filter as often. If you have a lot of sediment in your water then you may have to change out the filter more frequently. The other variable is water usage. If 2 people are living in the house and using the average amount of water then less water is being filtered over a 4-month span. If 6 people are living in a house and using the average amount of water then more water is being filtered over a 4-month span.

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