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Offering Expert Water Testing at Homes Throughout Hillsborough, NC

Do you have questions about the quality of the water at your Hillsborough, North Carolina, home? Whether you have suspicions about its quality or you feel like you just want an expert opinion for your peace of mind, The Water Specialist is the team to call. We offer thorough water testing services, working with homeowners, home buyers, and real estate agents alike to provide answers. And the best part is, once we complete these water testing procedures, we’re able to offer up concrete solutions in response to any water quality problems that are present. We take care of it all, and we do so with affordable rates and first-class customer care.

Water Testing in Hillsborough, NC

Our Water Testing Process

When you turn to us for water testing, we know how much urgency there might be. That’s why we can handle the process with the utmost efficiency, and our water testing capabilities are as thorough as they are quick. We can do bacterial testing, expanded multiple parameters testing, and a wide range of other tests to determine if there are any impurities or underlying issues with a home’s water supply. We can also tailor our testing to your needs with a specific type of test, or we can run a broad-spectrum test to help identify any and all issues.

What Our Water Testing Process Allows Us to Do

So, how can we put our water testing expertise to use beyond simply relaying the results to you? If any problems exist within your water supply, you can count on us to provide and install any water treatment system you might need. Whether it’s a water softener or any type of filtration system, we’ll have the right one for you.

Reach Out Today

If you’re ready to find out more about your Hillsborough, NC, home’s water quality, reach out to the pros at The Water Specialist today.

How can we help you? Our mission is to simplify our clients’ lives by keeping their water well and septic systems functioning so smoothly, that they forget how much they rely on them every day.
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